Biro based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 186/0/2002 dated October 28, 2002 concerning the Undip Statute specifically article 70 is an administrative implementation unit that carries out technical and administrative services in the fields of academic administration, financial administration, general administration, student administration, planning administration and information systems.

Main Tasks and Functions
BAPSI as a bureau that organizes planning and information systems administration, can be said that BAPSI is the spearhead of universities in the field of planning and data centers and information (database centers).

BAPSI is the main and first person in charge of the entire calendar of university activities. The first responsibility began with the preparation of the Strategic Plan (RENSTRA) and Operational Plan (RENOP) presented at the Annual Work Meeting (RAKERTA) and followed by the preparation of the Government Institutional Performance Accountability Report (LAKIP).

Based on the parent activity, BAPSI is tasked with describing it in the form of reports, data and information services for leaders and all academics who need data for research purposes, making proposals, and writing student theses. These data and information can be categorized into 3 broad categories, namely Academic Data, Workforce Data and Infrastructure Data.